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At the Pregnancy Body Pillow Store, we offer a great selection of products specifically designed for women who are in their pregnancy stages. We also have a variety of products for infants and toddlers. Whether you are looking for a cozy and comfortable pregnancy body pillow, nursing cover for baby or shopping for the best baby-shower gift, The Pregnancy Body Pillow Store can help!

Pregnancy is a glorious time! It is exciting when you join together with your baby as it grows, when you pick names and when you’re decorating the nursery. But if you ask any mother-to-be, these wonderful times may sometimes be not-so-wonderful too. Leg cramps and back pain are things many women go through during their pregnancy stages, making it uncomfortable when they sleep. And as your belly grows during pregnancy, sleeping positions become limited.

It is very important to relax and get good rest when you’re pregnant. Relaxation helps you manage your body with the difficult task of growing a baby. But, it can also seem as if your body is secretly working against you when you’re trying to get any sleep.

The Pregnancy Body Pillow Store offers great solutions to all these problems – a pregnancy pillow. We know that better sleep and comfort make for better days. Our store is here for every type of mom – expecting, nursing or day-to-day parent. Whenever you need it most, our variety of pregnancy pillows, nursing pillows, nursing covers and other products are available to help you during and after your pregnancy!

We would like to become your go-to place for all mom and baby things. The Pregnancy Body Pillow Store looks forward to growing with you and your family!

We are the online retail store that offers great, quality products.

We are experts when it comes to pregnancy, sleep and comfort for you and your baby.

The Pregnancy Body Pillow Store offers the perfect Full Body Pillows and other products to help you during and after pregnancy.

Pregnancy Pillows

Our Pregnancy Pillows offer the BEST in comfort sleep!

Various Products

We offer products that help you during and after pregnancy - pregnancy body pillows, nursing covers, nursing pillows and more.

Always FREE Shipping

We offer FREE shipping withing the continental Unites States on most of our products.

Made in the USA

The products we offer are crafted in the United States

Get the best in quality and selection!

Best quality products made specifically for mom and baby!

  • Pregnancy Body Pillows
  • Nursing Pillows
  • Nursing Covers
  • Baby Carriers
  • U Kids Pillows
  • And Much MORE!

The product lifetime for some of the pregnancy body pillows is 2 years.

Because orders may be mailed out the same day that they are placed, we do not allow order changes or cancellations.

If you believe you have received a defective or incorrect merchandise, you must contact customer service (support@pregnancy-bodypillows.com) within 30 days of receipt and provide a photo of the defect and/or incorrect product. We DO NOT replace with a different product than what was originally ordered.

Please see Return Policy.


The Pregnancy Body Pillow Store offers FREE shipping within the continental United States.


We take pride in offering the best brands in the mom and baby industry.


We offer weekly specials on many of our products!

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Payment is fast and secure, and our trusted billing provider handles all payment transactions.

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